Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Mancunian Travels

Last weekend Darren and I travelled to Manchester to visit family. We caught the train from our local station, which is a direct service to Piccadilly. The only hitch in our journey was the group of students sprawled all over the floor of the accessible carriage!

On arrival at Piccadilly, we caught the Metrolink tram out to Salford Quays, where we were staying. Having never been on the Metrolink, I was unsure what to expect, but their website had promised full accessibility. I was certainly not disappointed! The tram was completely level with the platform, with no gap at all, and inside there was a wheelchair space, similar to the ones provided on buses.

This great facility meant that we saved a fortune, as our accommodation cost half of what it would in the city centre, and it took a mere 15 minutes to get to Salford Quays, where our hotel, the Express by Holiday Inn, was a short walk / wheel from the tram stop.
Access at the hotel was up to the high standard usually found at EXHI hotels, and Salford Quays is a fantastic area.

So, to any disabled people wishing to explore Manchester, I say give the tram a go!

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