Friday, 3 May 2013

Working with the Civil Aviation Authority on Access to Air Travel

On Friday 26th April I was lucky enough to attend the first ever meeting of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Access to Air Travel Working Group.

In 2012 the CAA took over responsibility for handling air travel complaints from disabled people from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. They have now set up the Access to Air Travel Working Group which involves disability rights groups from around the UK, including Tourism for All UK (TFA), as a means of gaining knowledge on the needs and concerns of disabled passengers.
I was able to raise issues arising from my own experiences of air travel which you can read more about on the Trailblazers blog, as well as concerns from members of TFA. 
I feel one of the main aims should be to promote accessible air travel, as many of the enquirers I speak to still aren't aware of things like airport assistance, slings and specialist seating on board or that mobility aids are carried free of charge. 
If we can get the message out there and encourage more people with mobility problems to fly, standards of accessibility will naturally improve and above all more people with disabilities, their families, friends and carers will be able to enjoy holidays!

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